COLCPE Contributions
What is COLCPE?
COLCPE is the NALC’s Political Action Committee. Federal laws prohibit labor unions from using dues for supporting political candidates, contacting legislators regarding members’ interests, publicizing members’ positions on pending legislation, and lobbying congress and state legislatures regarding proposed laws that could benefit or adversely affect the members. Corporations have no such restrictions. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that there is NO LIMIT on the amount of company funds they may use to influence lawmakers. Nor are FOREIGN COMPANIES prohibited from lobbying legislators to promote laws that are favorable to their interests. Companies are using these laws to mount an all out assault on workers’ pay, benefits, and rights in State Legislatures all over the U.S, and in Congress.

Why should I contribute to COLCPE?
These two factors put workers’ interests at a huge disadvantage versus big corporations. Do not believe for a minute that the Postal Service is not a big corporation. The USPS is the second largest civilian employer in the US, right behind Wal-Mart. And the USPS has a problem that other major corporations do not have: Congress can DIRECTLY regulate how we do business.
Congress, five years ago, mandated that the USPS pre-pay retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, and must do it in 10 years at an annual cost of 5.5 billion dollars. Over the last four years, the postal service has been mandated to pay 22 billion dollars into this escrow fund, which is solely responsible for the 20 billion in losses over this period. At the same time, two independent auditors found that the USPS has OVER-funded the CSRS retirement by between 55 and 75 Billion dollars. This is the USPS’s money. If it were a private corporation, they could just move it from the CSRS account to the Retiree Health Benefit account and the pre-funding would be taken care of. But because the USPS is controlled by Congress, Congress must pass a law allowing this.
USPS management, instead of focusing on this cause for our financial problems, seem intent on lobbying Congress to cut the ONE thing we provide, SERVICE, by asking for the six day delivery requirement to be abolished. Note that they are not asking to go to 5 days, but to abolish the requirement for 6 days. If that were to happen, Postal Management could arbitrarily set 4 or even 3 days as the number of days for delivery. If you think this could never happen, think again.
Congress, for its part, with the election of numerous right wing Republican and Tea Party members, seems more intent on dismantling the USPS. Rep. Darrell Issa of California has proposed legislation that would effectively destroy the USPS as we know it, and outlaw collective bargaining for pay, benefits, and retirement. The anti-worker movement we have seen in Ohio and Wisconsin has come to Washington. Unless we can counter this by getting our messages to Congress, millions of good paying middle class jobs, including YOURS, will be in jeopardy. Never, in any of our lifetimes have workers rights and protections been under attack as they are right now.

Why should I contribute to COLCPE, NOW?
Beginning on November 15th all career carriers received at least a 1.5 % pay increase. It is a MINIMUM of $521 per year, meaning that all carriers will be getting AT LEAST an extra $ 20.03 in their paychecks stating on December 5th. By signing up at the Gimme Five level now, you will be donating $5.00 to protect your jobs, your families, and your retirement, and won’t even miss it because you will still be getting at least an extra $ 15.03 per paycheck. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too.
If every carrier would donate $ 5 per pay to COLCPE, the NALC would have the largest PAC in the country. And, in Washington, MONEY TALKS and B.S. WALKS. With that kind of financial clout, Congress would have to take notice.
Unfortunately, whether you agree or not, this is how business is done in Washington.
Bottom line is this:
Do you want to risk your job at this time,during the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, because of principle?
Do you want to risk a $ 60,000 per year job because you didn’t want to spend 36 cents a day to protect it?
If you don’t contribute, and you lose your job, how will you explain to your family why you did NOTHING to save it?


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