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****Presidents Day Postal Bowling Tournament will be held on February 16, 2015****

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Branch 40 – Carrier Tip of the Month

At the January Stewards meeting, Don Hyche of Glenville-Bratenahl brought something to my attention regarding the GPS in the cell phones that management now has us carry. Incidentally, this also will apply to the new scanners when they are deployed because they also have GPS in them.
Years ago, many carriers jokingly suggested that management should put a chip in our butts so they could track us. Management listened, and while the chip is not in your butt, it is on you at all times during the day. Somehow, through management dis-information efforts, many carriers have the mistaken idea that the phone is only tracked every 10-15 minutes and in between those times, management is blind as to your whereabouts. WRONG. If any of you have navigation in your car or on a smartphone, you know that your location is constantly being updated. Your speed on the highway can be displayed just from the GPS information. The postal GPS chip in the phone is no different. Management can tell where you are every minute you have the phone with you.
They know where and when you park and how long you take to load your bag. They know how fast you do each loop. They know how long it takes you to drive to your next park point. They also know where you go for your comfort stop, and how long you sit on the “throne”. They also know if you deviate from your route to go over to the Popeye’s two zones away for lunch. If it seems intrusive, it is. That is the bad news. So what is the good news, you ask?
The good news is this. Since you know you are being tracked every moment of the day, you can make sure that you don’t go anywhere you shouldn’t be or do anything other than professionally, diligently, and safely deliver your route. You can make sure you don’t run through your route 2 hours early and sit in your truck behind the Home Depot ’til time to go back to the station. You can make sure that you are working all day long. Remember there is NO STANDARD FOR STREET TIME. This job is a marathon that, if you are fortunate, will last 30 years or longer. It is not, nor should it be, a sprint despite what management tries to drum into your head each day. We are professional city letter carriers, and we should act that way every day. Our first postmaster-general Ben Franklin once said “Haste makes waste.” Haste also causes accidents and misdeliveries. So take your time, do your route every day like you are being inspected, because you are.
GPS is here to stay. It can be either your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Which it is, is up to you.

The long weeks of winter are beginning.

CDRAAP, the latest and greatest RAP (Route Adjustment Process) will begin in earnest on January 12. Those units that will be evaluated should have been informed by now. Remember, do your route every day like you are being inspected, because you are. Clock rings, 3999 times, MSP intervals are all fair game. NALC members will work with USPS management representatives to form “teams” that will evaluate and, where appropriate, adjust routes. No carrier likes to have their route changed, but all in all, the negotiated “RAP” is the fairest system to come down the road for evaluating and adjusting routes, because they are using the regular carrier’s office and street times. Hopefully the regular has had the foresight to do his/her route everyday as a professional. There are 3 MOUs. For M-01845 Click HERE. For M-01846 Click HERE. For M-01847 Click HERE.

The next Stewards Meeting will be on Wednesday February 4th at 7:30 PM at the Pipefitters’ Hall.

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The next Branch Meeting will be on Friday February 13th at 7:30 PM at the Pipefitters’ Hall.

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To Make Your New Year Brighter

Consumer Reports Study Shows USPS Best Choice for Parcel Deliveries

Impartial consumer watchdog Consumer Reports has released a study that shows that, overall, the USPS has kicked Fed-Ex’s and UPS’s rear-ends all over the country for reliability, convenience, and price. USPS finished first or tied for first in every category. Give yourselves big pats on the back, but be careful not to sprain your elbows. That is not covered under OWCP.   To read the whole story Click HERE.

US Postal Management’s Dysfunctional and Failing Culture    This is an interesting and thoughtful article by a retired Postmaster detailing the problems with the USPS management culture.    To read more click HERE.

Blues on Wheels by Jess Stoner  reprinted from The Dallas Morning News.  She is off base on some things, like claiming the NALC caved on the TEs during the contract negotiations.  She obviously doesn’t understand that binding interest arbitration is not caving, it was forced on the union by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970.  That the arbitrator, Shyam Das, decreed  the terms of the contract.  Otherwise, spot on.

Here is a little questionnaire, to make you think.  Yeah, yeah, we know. Letter carriers don’t like to think. That’s why we took a job that we can do on auto-pilot.  Well, humor us.  Just take it for grins.

  • How secure is your job?
  • Do you understand the mechanism of getting business done in Washington?
  • Who is your representative in Congress?
  • Who are the two senators from Ohio?
  • Where do each of them stand on Postal Reform?
  • How much did the USPS make from operations last year?
  • What is pre-funding?
  • Who did you vote for for Congress in the 2014 election?  (If you didn’t vote, click HERE)
  • Can Congress eliminate your job?

If YOU don’t know the answers to ALL these questions, and the reasons behind the answers, you need to get educated.

We understand, it’s more fun to follow the Browns, Cavs, and Indians.  But while that is mindless fun, it won’t help you keep your job if  Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) decides to make the USPS file for bankruptcy. He has already stated immediately after the election that this is one of his primary goals.  Pay Attention!

All our jobs exist at the whim of Congress.  Your job and your and your family’s security hang in the balance.  If you are not involved politically, you need to GET INVOLVED.

Never in our lifetimes have working men and women been under such a coordinated  attack by the corporate and moneyed elite.

To find out how YOU can help click HERE



Founded in 1889, NALC is the union of city letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service. Letter carriers delivered 156 billion pieces of mail last year, six days a week, to more than 153 million homes and businesses in every city, suburb and town in America.

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